Back-to-School, Time to Refresh Your Halls and Classrooms!

Amy Dement
Amy Dement

Content Marketing Coordinator, PSS. With 10 years of experience in early childhood education, Amy has gained a unique perspective on the education community. She is dedicated to helping create meaningful and effective learning experiences.


With students and teachers returning to the classrooms this month, now is the time to “refresh” your hallways and classrooms.

We are here to help you create meaningful and effective learning experiences. By using our educational resources for teachers, schools, and students, you will be the hero of your school!

The Learn OnDemand system has several uses that qualify for Federal Title Funds, COVID Relief Funds, the General School Fund, or PTO funds. The LOD systems can be used to:

  • Provide Individualized Learning
  • Address Learning Loss
  • Promote School Spirit and Extracurriculars
  • Raise Funds 

Contact us at or 1-800-485-9722 for more information.

Here are some examples of innovative ways that many of our partner schools have created their own educational tools:

HubSpot Video


  • Educational posters and resources aligned with your school’s mission, messaging, and curricula in various subjects
  • Collaborative Visual Learning Tools providing consistency among grade levels and classrooms

  • Support for sports and athletic teams with posters and banners 
  • Fundraisers: customized posters and banners created for students, parents, and businesses
  • School logo/mascot stickers or magnets
  • Custom student name/image/logo/school mascot wrapping paper
  • Sports photo posters (Individual and group)
  • Local sponsorship banner
  • Dance picture posters (with various participants)
  • Posters for businesses sponsoring school sports teams or events
  • School event picture poster (advertising school events)
  • Timeline banner (several photos of students at different ages)
  • Community Businesses (offer to make posters for businesses such as Special Events, Sales, Restaurant Menu, Employee of the Month)
  • Science Fair posters
  • Graduation posters
  • Student of the Week posters
  • Teacher of the Year resources
  • Posters created with student made art
  • Club posters
  • Prom posters
  • PTA/PTO projects

Additional Uses if you have the LOD Magic Cutter:

  • Student Size Resources such as whiteboards and manipulatives
  • Bulletin board decorations including borders, shapes, letters, PNG images from outside sources, and more!
  • STEM projects (such as marble roller coasters)
  • Fundraiser magnets and bumper stickers
  • Floor decals for social distancing, sporting events, gymnasium floor decals, school mascot decals, and stickers
  • Award stickers for plaques and trophies
  • Yard signs for graduations, birthdays, special events

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