Celebrating Special Events using the LOD system

Amy Dement
Amy Dement

Content Marketing Coordinator, PSS. With 10 years of experience in early childhood education, Amy has gained a unique perspective on the education community. She is dedicated to helping create meaningful and effective learning experiences.

Learn more about the value of your Learn OnDemand System with in-depth instruction on how to create your own projects for your school!

  • Graduation
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Teacher of the year
  • Open house
  • Fundraisers
  • & more!

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  • To create your own Signs, Banners, and Yard signs for any event, such as graduation, you can easily create any design in PosterArtist.
  • You can also use outside sources such as Canva, Publisher, or other poster creating software. In PosterArtist, you can either Copy & Paste images such as graduation caps, balloons, student images directly into the software. Or you can go to 3. Edit, and add in your photo from a flash drive or a folder on your computer.
  • If you would like to turn a PosterArtist template into a cutout poster in Magic Cut Studio, simply open Google and search for "remove.bg". Then you can upload your image, adjust it if necessary, and download it. Now in Magic Cut Studio, go to "file" and "import" and then just re-size your image. Celebrating the end of the school year will help motivate teachers, students, and the community to be excited for the beginning of the next school year!


If you have the Learn OnDemand System and you missed our live graduation webinar, click the link below to watch it anytime!

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If you have any questions about how you can apply these training hours towards Professional Development, please email info@pss.co and our team of Certified Educators will be able to help you get the information you need!










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