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Ahron Oddman
Ahron Oddman

Ahron at PSS partners with educators to create meaningful and effective learning environments.


The instructional resources we always wanted.

PSS has provided technology and supplies to K-12 schools for over 26 years. Our most popular product is a wide-format poster maker. We currently partner with over 2,300 schools representing 70,000 teachers and over 1 million students.

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Over the last two years, we’ve heard from many of our teachers. They described how hard it is to find instructional resources that were both academically rigorous AND well designed. They wanted content-aligned resources designed to engage young learners. The science of learning informs us that visuals matter. The teachers didn’t want the poster maker, as much as the tools that came out of the poster maker. So, we assembled a team of experienced teachers and designers to create captivating learning aids to engage students.


Today, we introduce Folio. Folio provides teachers, parents, and students with beautiful, engaging learning aids (posters, games, lessons, etc). To our knowledge, Folio is the first educational collection offered directly to educators and learners that is:

  • aligned to state learning standards
  • presented in English and Spanish
  • AND designed to engage young learners — designed to keep the attention of young kids who are used to seeing amazing images on a phone. (This last feature is often overlooked and undervalued. The instructional resource has to hold the student’s attention to be effective. That’s true in all forms of media.)

This is just the beginning of our journey. Folio is built by teachers for teachers. And we specifically designed our company to be responsive to the most urgent needs of the classroom. For example, when several states prioritized implementing Structured Literacy/ Science of Reading programs, we were able to create resources that are correct, designed for engagement, and reviewed by our peers in the classroom. This process took us weeks instead of months or years!

Let us know what resources you need ( We will continue to publish innovative collections, resources, and videos to support learning in the classroom and at home. Head to to start using these resources to create meaningful and effective learning experiences.

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