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Amy Dement
Amy Dement

Content Marketing Coordinator, PSS. With 10 years of experience in early childhood education, Amy has gained a unique perspective on the education community. She is dedicated to helping create meaningful and effective learning experiences.

PosterArtist is a great resource!

The PosterArtist full software is included with the Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System.

Now you can download PosterArtist Lite (the free version) to your personal computer at home, and create beautiful posters, banners, and more! Proving this resource to the teachers in your school will save time and energy for the teachers, and the person responsible for printing on the system.

By creating files in PosterArtist Lite, they can easily send the file to the person who will print their creation for them. Or, if you have the Learn OnDemand 2.0- they can directly plug in a USB Flash-drive and quickly print their creations!!

Download PosterArtist Lite Here!

Providing this software to your teachers will give them another great resource to create content original content for their classrooms and students.

To finish installing the software, follow the Directions to Load the LOD Print Driver  Loading LOD Print Driver PDF

You will need to download this zip file also that contains your driver: DRIVER DOWNLOAD

  • Create custom banners for hallways, classrooms and outside!
  • Greet parents dropping off their students in the car rider line with waterproof, vinyl posters and banners!


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Want help designing something for your school? Contact us at!

We know that many schools are doing virtual learning this fall and some for the first 9 weeks. Many schools have also adopted the hybrid schedule.

ANY of our PosterArtist templates/your custom created content can be saved as a JPG when you hit FILE: Save as JPG. Then you can send any poster/image to your students to view on their home devices! You can also send them student-size handouts by changing your poster size and easily sending them the files they need to complete the lesson! 

Creating send-home packets for students can be quick and easy with the Learn OnDemand System! 


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