Providing connections among languages

Renee Smith
Renee Smith

Renee Smith is the Director of Education on Team Folio. She has been actively involved in education for over 30 years as a learner, educator, consultant, coach, and parent. By curating and creating bilingual content with the PSS team, she shares her passion for student success.


By creating resources with diverse learners in mind, we know all students will benefit. For several years, Mariel Bonilla/Director of Bilingual Education, and I collaborated with teachers and parents to create the bilingual resources we needed. Most often, we made the visual learning tools by hand, including anchor charts, because we could not find resources that met our expectations. Now, with Folio, we are excited to finally have the opportunity to create what students need to see—and remember—and learn—what we wish we could have used in our classrooms!

Before students can learn something new, they must make meaningful connections and activate prior knowledge. For English Language Learners, this is even more important. By providing students with identical educational resources, in Spanish and English, they are able to make immediate connections in both languages. With Folio, students can build a strong foundation with engaging content designed for deeper understanding, and teachers can save time as they create meaningful and effective learning experiences.Classroom Set-2 (1)





Topics: Bilingual Content, Folio, Science of Reading, Reading Comprehension