Social Distancing Signage: Mitigation Map

Returning to school has been on the top of everyone's mind lately. What will it look like? Will they be in class or virtual? What rules and social distancing regulations will need to be followed in class? We are dedicated to helping educators create meaningful and effective learning environments and have come up with a way to help.


Our team at PSS has created a Social Distancing Mitigation Map based on an average-sized school.

The goal of this project is to figure out how much it would cost to properly outfit a school for CDC social distancing requirements. We took the prices of each poster and sticker from an outside source and made educated estimations on how many posters and stickers each room would need based on its dimensions.

Map (1)

We decided on one poster per room, and two or three in the larger areas such as the gym, dining hall, hallways, and auditorium. We also put stickers every six feet in each room and throughout the hallways, bus loading zone, sidewalks, and lobby.



The total amounted to be approximately $10,000. Keep in mind - that amount only reflects one-time outfitting of the school. Given stringent cleaning requirements and regular student foot traffic, most schools will need to be outfitted at least twice in a given academic year. We are hopeful that we can help schools solve this problem by providing cost-effective, consistent messaging both in and out of the classroom.

At PSS, we focus on supporting educators and believe in the crucial impact of visual learning and connecting. Right now, we would like to help you with some of the new tools you will need as students get back to school. Not only do we provide the tools and technology to create proper social distancing content, but we also provide visual learning products that allow educators to create content aligned with their state standards.

Please let us know how we can help your school – we are here to serve!

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