Social Distancing Signage: Mitigation Map

Gabby Goodall & Julia Caban: Original Post  July 31, 2020,  Updated Feb. 11, 2021

The safe return of students to the classroom has been a top priority of policymakers and educators alike since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As a nation we are faced with many questions as to what in-person instruction will look like, one of those biggest issues being safety. How can we keep our teachers, students, and buildings safe to foster a successful learning environment?

Fortunately, PSS is equipped to tackle that problem.

We have designed a Social Distancing Mitigation Map based on the average sized school (450 students, 25 teachers, 36 rooms). This blueprint breaks down the signage required to properly outfit a school based on stringent CDC requirements. Between keeping students and staff six feet apart as well as reminders about handwashing and masks, this type of signage can cost a school upwards of $10,000 using commercial printing sources.


PSS understands the immense burden of schools having to protect their students and staff, and the added costs that entails.  Through our Learn OnDemand Poster Maker and Magic Cutter, we can take this burden off of our schools so they focus on what truly matters – the students

Covid-19’s Impact on Students’ Academic and Mental Well-Being


Copy of Copy of Green and White Utilitarian Social Distancing Business Floor DecalOur Learn OnDemand Poster Maker allows you to print all the necessary signage for your schoolat nearly half the cost of a one-time outfit through commercial printing services.  Our average poster costs $3.50/each, compared to the $10 price tag of a commercial poster.  Additionally, our repositionable paper allows for floor decals to be stuck to the ground and that will both hold up during cleaning, and be easily removed when social distancing requirements lift.  With our Magic Cutter, you can easily cut all your signage to size.  This saves you the effort of cutting by hand, or paying someone else to do it. 
We are eager to help give time and money back to administrators and teachers as they facilitate the safe return of their students.  However, PSS is also able to serve your visual and content needs.  Our standards-aligned education content will save teachers time and money on formulating lesson plans, proving that we are the one stop shop for all your education essentials

Let us know how we can serve your school in order to create meaningful and effective learning experiences!

LEARN MORE about CDC Print Resources, Social Distance and Safety Posters, and additional resources.



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