The Value of Growth Mindset in Early Learning

By Matida Sanneh
September 02, 2020
As educators and parents, it’s extremely important to establish a positive foundation during the early years of child development.  
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SEL-Social and Emotional Learning Starts at Home

By Amy Dement
August 19, 2020
    2020 has provided us with so many opportunities to grow and learn new things. Not only us adults, but the children in our homes and communities have endured a lot of change and uncertainty. Our job as adults, parents, and educators, is to do our...
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Teachers Extending Their Influence Beyond the Classroom

By Ahron Oddman
July 24, 2020
Huge congrats to Jamaal Bowman on his recent election! Congress, the nation, and most importantly our schools will benefit from his experience educating the “whole child”. Now more than ever, that concept is crucial. -Ahron Oddman, PSS.  HUGE...
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