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Amy Dement
Amy Dement

Content Marketing Coordinator, PSS. With 10 years of experience in early childhood education, Amy has gained a unique perspective on the education community. She is dedicated to helping create meaningful and effective learning experiences.


It is almost time to go back to school! While each school district has the hard decision between physically returning to class, a hybrid schedule, or virtual learning, manipulatives and send home packets are something that every student will be using inside/outside the classroom.








What are your needs this year?

  • Saving time and money?
  • Differentiated instruction?
  • Creating individualized instruction packets?
  • New fundraiser opportunities?
  • Having manipulatives for in/outside the classroom? 


One way to help create meaningful and effective learning experiences is to have cut-outs and manipulatives. Our BRAND NEW PRODUCT will help you achieve your goals!

A few important ways cut-outs help students: reinforcement, enrichment, strengthen skills, classroom management, and they help create a cohesive classroom environment.

From social distancing floor decals to bulletin boards, there are so many ways that you can help create an environment of nurturing and creativity!

After utilizing the Learn OnDemand System for over a year now, I am in love with it. I wish that I had this system to help me make my walls teach when I needed it most! Creating a meaningful and effective learning environment was always important to me as an educator, and I am sure it is important to you as well!!

The magic cutter is just one aspect of the Learn OnDemand System. You not only get the Poster Printer, the Cool Lam, and the software, you also get the advantage of having the PSS Creative Team! We are working diligently to create new standards based poster and cutter templates and blog/social content that will bring value to your career and to your students. 

We are looking forward to partnering with educators to help enhance the ways students, staff, and communities learn!

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