The Power of Building Relationships

Renee Smith
Renee Smith

Renee Smith is the Director of Education on Team Folio. She has been actively involved in education for over 30 years as a learner, educator, consultant, coach, and parent. By curating and creating bilingual content with the PSS team, she shares her passion for student success.

Recently, we welcomed A.P. Beutel Elementary School to our PSS Community!MicrosoftTeams-image (88)

It's the little conversations that build the relationship and make an impact on each student.

At A.P. Beutel Elementary School in Lake Jackson, Texas, our PSS team trained the teachers and administrators on our new LOD system. They are using the poster maker and cutter for state, district, and school initiatives. All grade levels and specialists were trained in order to personalize instruction. We made creative posters for math, reading, writing, science, SEL, and problem-solving strategies, which are all aligned with standards.

Laminated posters and manipulatives can be easily sanitized and are long-lasting!MicrosoftTeams-image (87)

For Special Education teachers, we made visual learning tools that supported students’ IEPs. The PSS content, available in Spanish and English, is focused on providing resources to support student success for all learners. The enthusiasm of the kids and positive energy among staff members was contagious!

It was easy to see why!!MicrosoftTeams-image (89)-1

Laura Morris is the district principal of the year! Her secretary, Crystal Marks, led a valuable experience for us all to create meaningful and effective learning experiences for students. We are grateful to work with such an inspiring school and welcome them to the PSS community!

Here is what Crystal L. Marks-Secretary to the Principal at AP Beutel had to say about PSS:

"We purchased our poster maker from PSS the first of the year with the expectation that we would make posters to show off our students who had hit certain milestones in the library and also to support them in our annual Fun Runs. However, after having the team come and meet with us we have learned there’s so much more we can do. Our teachers now have access to make things for their classrooms that were once only available for them to look at in a book. They have found so many manipulatives as well for their students. This is going to be a game changer for many in their classrooms for next school year and the years following.

There is not enough that can be said about the team they have in place. There are numerous resources that they put out for you to feel comfortable with the machine along with weekly trainings. They truly make you feel at ease with everything they have to offer and are available to help whenever we’ve had a question. They have great customer service from the initial quote phone call all the way through the installation process and continue to provide great service."


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Here at PSS, we are dedicated to educators and will provide the training and any support needed to encourage student success!

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